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Are You Christocentric or Ethnocentric?

Are you looking to take or retake the assessment? Click here to check your Christocentric or Ethnocentric leaning.

Dive Deep in Your Small Group with The Change Guide

Throughout Unfractured, Skot outlines a Change Model that requires practical application to bring healing and restoration.

In addition to the reflection questions at the end of every chapter, this small group discussion guide aligns with the book and online resources.


This curriculum will help guide you and your group toward building a healthy, diverse, and inclusive space where change can truly take place. Perfect for churches, ministries, small groups, and marketplace settings across the globe to catalyze a movement of Spirit-empowered followers of Jesus to impact our world for Christ.

A commissioned piece for Unfractured that calls us to a higher level of fellowship, unity, and community. This spoken word piece is a great place to begin conversations to learn, teach and read Unfractured.

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