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Skot Welch

Hardcover of Skot Welch's book Unfractured

A Christ-Centered Action Plan
for Cultural Change

Are you exhausted by the same conversations and arguments about race? Are you worn out by the racial buzzwords and boogeymen? Devastated by the division in our churches and communities?

In his latest book, Unfractured, Skot Welch invites us into a new approach, a new language for a different conversation about race and ethnicity. One that begins not with the color of our skin or the places we call home, but with our identity as brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of God.

Skot reveals how our fractured beliefs & fears hurt our covenant with God, and reminds us that we can have tough conversations with love and empathy. He points to scripture as the ultimate guide for re-establishing an identity in Christ – and in his call to love one another.

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Dive Deep in Your Small Group with The Change Guide

Throughout Unfractured, Skot outlines a Change Model that requires practical application to bring healing and restoration.

In addition to the reflection questions at the end of every chapter, you can purchase a small group discussion guide that aligns with the book and online resources.


This curriculum will help guide you and your group toward building a healthy, diverse, and inclusive space where change can truly take place. Perfect for churches, ministries, small groups, and marketplace settings across the globe to catalyze a movement of Spirit-empowered followers of Jesus to impact our world for Christ. 

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The Change Guide

Christocentric Assessment

Is your church or organization grounded in a Christocentric or Ethnocentric identity? This survey will give you insights on your church or organization’s ability to stay united in an increasingly divided world. Contact our team to learn more about purchasing a special organizational report for your organization!

A roadmap for those topics we’re trained to avoid. Skot takes the most complicated matters of life and offers simple and profound clarity through Scripture and personal testimony. The takeaways in this book are numerous and compose the recipe for the Christocentric life those who believe are thirsting for.
Katie Appold

Inform USA Executive Director 

Author Skot Welch

About Skot

A visionary leader with a passion for fostering unity and understanding in diverse communities, Skot has dedicated his career to building bridges and creating positive change. As the President and Founder of Global Bridgebuilders, his work has been instrumental in fostering dialogue, collaboration, and sustainable solutions to pressing social issues.


Skot’s Christ-centered perspective infuses his work with deep spirituality & activism, inspiring others to live out their faith in meaningful ways. He makes a profound impact on the lives of individuals and communities around the world through his writings, speaking engagements, and advocacy.

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