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EP 08 | Normal is not Normal

Continuing their discussion around race and ethnicity within the Church, Skot Welch and Eric Johnson discuss the discomfort of living with religious and racial divisions, noting that just because something is considered normal doesn't make it morally right. They believe it's essential to push beyond the status quo and aim for a healthier, more Christ-centered perspective.

They reflect on how people often compartmentalize their faith communities, accepting that certain groups have their own churches and religious experiences. Eric raises the question of why society stops at this point, where separation along racial lines is considered normal and acceptable. Skot agrees that this conclusion is a result of stopping short of deeper reflection and spiritual growth.

Skot introduces the concept that “a conclusion is where people stop thinking,” emphasizing that there are more paths to explore, especially when viewed through a Christocentric lens. He references Biblical passages like Revelation 7:9, Psalms 133, John 7:9, and Ephesians 3:17 to highlight the discrepancy between the church's current state and God's intended unity.

They discuss the comfort of being around those similar to us in terms of race, culture, and beliefs. Eric shares his personal experience of adopting children from a different ethnicity and how it shifted his perspective, making him more aware of society's cultural and racial differences.

Skot points out that normalcy doesn't equate to goodness, citing historical examples of normalized violence and oppression, even within faith-based communities. He urges us to align with God's way as revealed through Scripture rather than settling for societal norms perpetuating division.

The conversation also touches on the vulnerability to deception when people lack meaningful relationships with those from different backgrounds or perspectives. They critique using isolated social media content to reaffirm pre-existing beliefs instead of engaging in genuine dialogue with diverse individuals.

This episode focuses on the need to do life together with people who don't look like us. Advocating for relationships that foster understanding and growth. It calls us to embrace God's diverse room. Curating friendships solely with those who resemble us goes against the vision of God's Kingdom.


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