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Ep 07 | Understanding Religious Racism

The second chapter of Skot’s book, Unfractured, revolves around the intricate and long-overdue topic of race and ethnicity within the Church community. Skot stresses the importance of approaching this conversation with a Chistocentric lens rather than through our politics, ethnicity, or denominational differences. He acknowledges the discomfort of addressing such sensitive topics but reiterates our need to lean in to effect change.

Skot explains that he initiated this conversation because there's a need for a new language to navigate the difficult conversations around race and ethnicity in the Church. He believes the Church should lead this conversation rather than lagging behind, as it often does. Avoiding discomfort, he argues, is a missed opportunity for growth and transformation.

Skot advocates for a shift in perspective, calling for unity over division, and proposes viewing these issues through Scripture. God's Word should be the guiding force in addressing these matters, putting politics, ethnicity, and denomination aside.

They discuss the historical context of our divided family, tracing it back to slavery in America. Skot shares how enslaved Africans were subjected to Christianity and the manipulation of Christian principles to justify their subjugation. He notes that this history of oppression and the distortion of Christianity has contributed to the religious racism we are accustomed to today.

Skot discusses how certain denominations, such as the African Methodist Episcopal Church, emerged not because African Americans wanted separation but because they were not allowed to be part of white denominations due to racism and prejudice. He also mentions the existence of the "slave catechism" and the distortion of biblical teachings to enforce subservience among enslaved people.

Eric reassures that their discussion isn't meant to condemn the Church. Instead, their goal is to encourage listeners to assess their progress and recognize the work left in addressing Church segregation and prejudice.

This episode will address the dangers of normalizing the separation of a "black church" and a "white church." Instead, it calls for unity, transformation, and the abandonment of divisive language and practices within faith communities. Championing the beauty of diversity in a unified Church body.


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