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EP 10 | Cup Christianity

Continuing their discussion around the second chapter in Skot’s book Unfractured, Skot introduces the concept of "Cup Christianity" to his friend Eric Johnson. He describes the common habit of Christians focusing on the superficial aspects of our faith, where the container (our ethnicity, politics, music preferences, denominational beliefs, etc.) takes precedence over our cup’s content (Christ’s teachings).

Skot admits that it’s challenging to shift our focus from the container to the content, emphasizing that many Christians have become comfortable with the segregated nature of our faith. Eric expresses concern about divisive stances within faith communities and the difficulty of changing this mindset.

Skot shares a personal experience where he encountered resistance from someone uncomfortable with his message, which challenged their political beliefs. He emphasizes that the standard should always be Jesus, not political affiliations or cultural biases.

Skot and Eric stress the importance of recognizing the deep historical roots that have justified racial violence and division in the past. They call for collectively acknowledging the need for change within faith communities.

Skot points out how countries like Germany and South Africa have taken significant steps to prevent repeating historical atrocities. He champions the potential power of a united Christian family but notes that unity can only be achieved by letting go of our worldly idols. He calls us to return to our first love and transcend political parties and denominations.

This episode will ask us to evaluate our perspectives on faith and unity within the context of Christianity. It encourages us to prioritize Christ's teachings over cultural, political, or denominational divides. Urging us to unite under our common calling by shifting our focus from the container to the content of our faith.


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