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EP 12 | Covenant Christianity

In this episode of Unfractured, Skot Welch addresses the harmful myth of black inferiority. He and Eric Johnson discuss the importance of Covenant Christianity and how it enhances our cultural heritage rather than discrediting it.

Skot encourages African Americans to recognize their beauty and exceptionalism in God's eyes, reinforcing that their covenant with God is all-encompassing and should define them more than their history of struggle.

Skot explains that focusing on identity in Christ is essential to overcome divisive ideologies and how it unifies people around their shared commitment to follow Christ—no matter your background, skin tone, or nationality.

The conversation shifts to the idea of color blindness, with Eric mentioning that some people claim they "don't see color." Skot challenges this notion, stating that not seeing color can be a liability. He believes recognizing and celebrating diversity is essential, as God intentionally created people of various colors and backgrounds. Instead of ignoring these differences, Christians should embrace them and appreciate the unique experiences and perspectives they bring.

Skot shares a childhood experience as an eight-year-old in South Korea. Despite the language barrier, he could communicate through shared emotions like laughter, tears, and smiles.

Eric emphasizes the need for empathy and understanding, especially across racial boundaries. He points out that many barriers exist due to a lack of empathy and validation for others' experiences.

Skot agrees and stresses that building multi-ethnic relationships within faith communities can be a simple yet impactful step toward unity.

This episode explores the concept of Covenant Christianity as a unifying force that transcends cultural backgrounds. Skot and Eric advocate for embracing diversity, recognizing shared human experiences, and fostering empathy to overcome the harmful myth of black inferiority.


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