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EP 18 | Building Unity

In this episode of Unfractured, Skot Welch and Eric Johnson discuss the importance of building bridges and fostering unity within a Christ-centered perspective. They explore the role of shared experiences in mending relationships and promoting reunification.

Skot highlights the importance of being intentional and actively engaged in bridge-building. He draws parallels between physical bridges that bear weight and the integrity of one's words, emphasizing the need for trust in relationships.

They discuss how trust is undermined when people act contrary to their words. Eric notes that our trust is typically given to people who look and act like us. He points out that this can be inadvertently associated with ideology, faith, politics, and personal identity. Skot champions the need to maintain integrity in our words and actions.

They discuss the importance of maintaining trust within the family of God, not only in each other's presence but also when individuals are absent. They delve into the dangers of indifference and the significance of caring for one another, as detailed in scripture. Skot proposes that the opposite of love is indifference, underscoring the importance of promoting inclusivity and unity within the Church.

Skot shares his belief that diversity and inclusion are spiritual and Christ-filled concepts. He draws connections to biblical references, such as the Day of Pentecost, to highlight the diversity God intended. He urges us to recognize our diversity as God’s intention and not dismiss one another based on cultural or political biases. He warns that doing so may hinder our Christian witness and hamper our personal growth.

This episode encourages us to be proactive in building bridges toward unity. It reinforces the importance of trust, integrity, and shared experiences. Calling us to diversify our surroundings and recognize the spiritual significance of a more inclusive and united Christian community.


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