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EP 17 | Disruptive Innovation

Skot Welch explains the importance of disruptive innovation within the context of the Church to his friend Eric Johnson as they conclude their conversation about the fourth chapter in Skot’s book Unfractured. They discuss the role of the Church in promoting radical inclusivity and addressing historical issues like slavery, Apartheid, and the Holocaust. Skot shines a light on the Church's history of being passive in disruptive cultural change. He reassures that this is not about inducing guilt but redefining the church's role in the world, declaring a need to return to its origins of cultural disruption and innovation.

Eric parallels disruptive technological innovation and the Church's need to adapt to cultural changes. He uses the example of Fuji and Kodak camera companies to illustrate the consequences of failing to adapt.

Skot expresses his frustration that secular organizations and society are often ahead of the church in pursuing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives despite having the transformative message of the gospel. Given its foundational principles and the need to actively engage with and shape culture, he laments how the Church should be at the forefront of innovation.

Skot notes that silence within the Church regarding issues of inequality can lead to significant risks. He uses historical atrocities like slavery, Apartheid, and the Holocaust as examples the Church needs to learn from. He proclaims that Christians can not remain silent in the face of injustice without becoming complicit in their inaction, urging us to actively pursue change and innovation by aligning our actions with our beliefs. This episode underscores the importance of viewing each other as family and the need for empathy when a part of our family is hurting. It encourages Christians to be proactive, innovative, and unafraid of discomfort in pursuing justice and cultural change.


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