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EP 20 | A Work in Progress

The sixth chapter of Skot Welch’s book Unfractured addresses overcoming our disunity. Skot and his friend Eric Johnson engage in a thought-provoking conversation about acknowledging the divisions within our society. They advocate for unity through forgiveness and letting go of negative beliefs or habits that hinder the healing process.

Skot introduces the concept of "building bridges" as extending fellowship and establishing relational connections. He likens overcoming disunity to hurdling in a race, symbolizing the effort, time, and intention required to clear the obstacles. Skot acknowledges that this journey may be challenging and can lead to a sense of loss, but the potential rewards and the creation of new relationships make it worthwhile.

They discuss the notion of a "more perfect union," signifying an ongoing pursuit of improvement rather than an assertion of perfection. Skot highlights the importance of addressing the truth about our nation's history and notes that the comfort we find in ignoring past issues will hinder our progress. He encourages us to confront these uncomfortable truths to facilitate meaningful change.

Eric expresses concern about the tendency of some in white culture to cling to a narrative that the nation has overcome its past and denies the ongoing struggles faced by marginalized communities. He argues that embracing the concept of a work in progress is essential for understanding and addressing current societal issues. Eric also shares a personal anecdote involving his son's fear of the police, highlighting the importance of continuous efforts to improve society.

Throughout their conversation, Skot and Eric stress the significance of pushing against fear and complacency to promote unity and address societal divisions. They emphasize our need for open dialogue, nuance, and a commitment to growth to pursue a more perfect union.


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