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EP 21 | Fear

In this episode of Unfractured, Skot Welch and Eric Johnson continue discussing our need to overcome disunity. They specifically address the role of fear and shame in preventing open dialogue. They reveal how these negative emotions have impacted our lives, from our health to relationships and overall happiness.

Skot underscores the importance of recognizing and overcoming our fears so that we can pursue a more fulfilling life. Suggesting that fear often dictates our actions, leading us to remain stagnant and complacent. He quotes biblical principles and proves that fear doesn't come from God, urging us to move forward courageously into His promises.

Eric offers a nuanced perspective, distinguishing between fear and ignorance. He highlights that fear should not lead to ignorance but should motivate individuals to make informed decisions. He encourages self-awareness and introspection, urging us to understand why we hold on to certain beliefs or narratives.

Skot acknowledges that while overcoming fear can be a challenge, it's not a complicated process. He draws a parallel between fear and idolatry, explaining that allowing fear to dominate our lives can take the place that rightfully belongs to God in our hearts. He emphasizes the importance of letting go of fear, as failing to do so can lead to a form of bondage.

They also discuss the significance of studying scripture as it helps us better understand the Word of God. Skot advocates for unity in faith and the importance of communal fellowship.

This episode addresses the notions of living in fear and shame and how they detract from meaningful change. It highlights the importance of our faith in the teachings of Jesus and pursuing unity through fellowship. Delivering a message of hope and encouragement while urging us to confront our fears and walk in the strength of God’s promises.


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