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EP 22 | Navigating God's Path

The seventh chapter of Unfractured is focused on the concept of cultural ditches and the importance of understanding one's cultural identity within the framework of Christian faith. Author Skot Welch and his friend Eric Johnson discuss how our cultural differences and terminology can divert attention away from Christ-centered perspectives—revealing the need to actively avoid these pitfalls.

Skot introduces the metaphor of “cultural ditches,” representing the extreme beliefs of black inferiority and white superiority. He iterates that both concepts deviate from the path of Christ and can become idolatrous.

Skot and Eric remark on the importance of appreciating our individuality and cultural identity without letting it evolve into an idol. They encourage an open mind and heart to discuss these matters safely and honestly to celebrate our cultural differences.

They explore the complexities of our world, how individuals may struggle with their identity, and the biases that can come with it. They encourage people to take responsibility for addressing and dismantling systemic inequalities, even if they are not personally responsible for their origins.

Skot stresses the importance of recognizing the historical and societal foundations of racism. He points to modern-day events like the murder of George Floyd as proof that we are still working to uproot a long history of dehumanization and discrimination.

This episode promotes the idea that cultural identity and faith can coexist harmoniously, with faith serving as a guiding light toward unity and understanding among our diverse communities. It encourages us to avoid the cultural ditches man has built by following God's Path and focusing on a Christ-centered perspective to reach a more equitable and inclusive society.


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