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EP 24 | The Deception of Privilege

The eighth chapter of Skot Welch’s book Unfractured dives deeper into the polarizing topic of “white privilege.” A phrase that Skot aims to turn on its head. He explains his unique perspective to his friend Eric Johnson, reframing the idea and suggesting that it is, in fact, a deception. They explore how this deception manifests itself and why it's essential to understand who the real enemy is.

Skot begins by shining the light on our common enemy, Satan, and the kingdom of darkness. He points to scripture to prove that our enemy often appears as an angel of light to deceive us. His true goal is to pit the family of God against one another.

Eric acknowledges that privilege is a polarizing and threatening topic to many people and can be considered an accusation. Skot illustrates that privilege is simply the result of sowing certain seeds in history that have led to advantages for some and disadvantages for others.

Skot suggests that reframing the concept of privilege as a deception is crucial because it's not from God but man-made. He addresses the idea of inherited privilege and the need for white individuals to recognize and acknowledge the impact of America’s history.

Eric adds that the discussion around privilege can be problematic, as it may unintentionally reinforce the notion that white individuals actively seek it, which is not the case for most. Skot affirms that it's essential to be honest and humble about the advantages that have come from being white throughout American history and that not acknowledging it is a form of deception.

This episode champions the idea that “white privilege” is a deception that perpetuates inequality rather than a true advantage. It asks us to take responsibility for our role in its creation and the need to dismantle it. Stressing the importance of unveiling our common enemy - spiritual darkness - and living a life with a Christ-centered approach to address racial inequality effectively.


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