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EP 25 | Opening our Eyes

On this episode of Unfractured, Skot Welch and Eric Johnson continue discussing the polarizing topic of privilege. They focus on the deception of white privilege and the need to redefine it as a form of bondage. Skot parallels the Old Testament story of the Israelites' desire to return to Egyptian bondage. They acknowledge the historical significance of being white in America and reveal the invisible system of inherited advantages designed to separate the family of God.

Skot notes the complexity of addressing or suggesting “white privilege,” recognizing that some people may initially deny its existence due to a fear of being associated with it. They discuss the idea that acknowledging white privilege as bondage can change perspectives and encourage individuals to actively work toward dismantling it. Skot references the Book of Numbers in the Bible, which tells of the murmuring and rebellion of the Israelites in Exodus, who longed for their lives in Egypt. They wished for the food they once had and were willing to accept the bondage that came with it—illustrating how some may desire to remain in their privilege, even if it is a form of enslavement.

Eric and Skot share their experiences of confronting family members or close friends who may not agree on these issues. Skot reiterates the importance of approaching these conversations with love and grace rather than shaming or alienating those resistant to change.

This episode highlights the fundamental principles of living life with a Christocentric perspective. It calls for us to work together toward unity and freedom while respecting those needing time to understand and embrace this perspective. Reinforcing our need to follow the teachings of Jesus and break free from the bondage of privilege.


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