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EP 28 | Meet Your Family

Author Skot Welch and his friend Eric Johnson discuss chapters ten and eleven of Skot’s book Unfractured, which centers around appreciating the beauty of diversity. It celebrates the idea that everyone, regardless of their background or differences, is included in the body of Christ. Skot uses the metaphor of a mosaic to illustrate the concept. He explains that the uniqueness of each piece contributes to the mosaic's overall beauty. He references Revelation 7:9, which describes God's mosaic as including every tribe, nation, and tongue worshiping Him. Skot believes that God loves diversity and that trying to conform or label individuals goes against His character.

They discuss the importance of embracing vulnerability within the context of the mosaic. Skot highlights that vulnerability allows individuals to acknowledge their brokenness and come together. The idea is that, when combined, these broken pieces create a beautiful picture that God can rest upon.

They reflect on the story of Jacob and Esau, highlighting the transformation in their relationship over time. Despite their history of betrayal and conflict, they ultimately embrace each other as a family. Skot emphasizes the need for Christians to approach each other with vulnerability, sharing their own "limps" or imperfections and running toward each other rather than away.

Eric raises the idea of having conversations without fear of retribution or judgment. They assert that vulnerability can lead to growth and understanding. Skot believes that true reconciliation and unity within the body of Christ is achieved when individuals recognize their shared humanity and vulnerability.

This episode challenges us to engage in real-life dialogue and connections. It will help us see each other as family members, embrace our shared humanity, and appreciate the beauty of diversity within the body of Christ.


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