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EP 31 | Recognize Pt.1

Skot Welch and Eric Johnson discuss chapter twelve of Skot’s book Unfractured, which is the beginning of what he calls the change sequence. It lays out the protocols, milestones, and phases necessary to implement before applying the book's concepts.

Skot describes it as a way to help individuals navigate the complexities of change and reconciliation. He underlines that change is an ongoing journey and the importance of recognizing that we need each other to go on this journey.

They acknowledge that reaching this point in their conversation is a significant achievement. Skot's process-oriented mindset is evident as he explains the importance of order in addressing these challenging topics.

Eric compares this process to navigating family disputes. Skot underscores the importance of having difficult conversations, and how ignoring underlying issues can lead to recurring conflicts. They forewarn that tackling our cultural issues requires introspection, growth, and a commitment to speaking the truth in love.

Skot stresses the importance of truth-telling within the context of reconciliation, emphasizing that it's a foundational principle for anyone seeking to create positive change. He believes that growth and maturity are essential in fostering positive relationships, which requires us to acknowledge and address the root issues and historical injustices before reconciliation.

This episode demonstrates the value of facing challenges together as a community of believers and the importance of building more profound and meaningful relationships. It invites us on a journey of change so we can address complex cultural issues with a Christ-centered perspective.


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In addition to the book, Unfractured offers a small group curriculum to help guide you down the path.

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