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EP 32 | Recognize Pt.2

In this episode of Unfractured, Skot Welch and Eric Johnson resume their conversation about chapter twelve in Skot’s book, which lays out the protocols, milestones, and phases necessary to implement before applying his teachings. They discuss the importance of recognizing our need for reconciliation before taking action.

Skot explains that reconciliation can only happen once individuals recognize the reasons behind it. This recognition involves studying history and understanding others' stories to grasp their significance. Eric advises that we can’t just go through the motions. We must genuinely try to understand without the expectation of assimilation.

Skot stresses the significance of studying and revisiting these thoughts to comprehend the complexities involved in reconciliation. He mentions that being more informed about history and different perspectives leads to more mature conversations.

They discuss some individuals' resistance to acknowledging the need for reconciliation as they fear the discomfort that may come with it. Admitting that courage is required to take the first step. Skot points out that you can't "unsee" what you've seen, underscoring the importance of commitment to the process. He admits it can be difficult, but it's crucial for personal growth and building a foundation rooted in Christ rather than cultural biases.

Eric highlights how many of us seek counsel that reaffirms our existing beliefs and comfort zones, which can be a barrier to reconciliation. Skot asserts that seeking counsel that aligns with scripture is essential, and being in a room with people who think differently can lead to innovation.

They discuss the role of leadership within communities. Skot emphasizes that leaders must be proponents of spiritual growth for their congregation and should partner with others to lead the change and create an environment where everyone can participate. They must be open to seeking friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, challenging each other and being accountable.

This episode highlights the importance of recognition as the first step towards reconciliation. It challenges the role of leadership in fostering change. Inspiring us to be open to growth, seek diverse counsel, and be willing to engage in difficult conversations.


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