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EP 34 | Redefine

Author Skot Welch and his friend Eric Johnson review the final prerequisite before applying Skot’s teachings as detailed in his book Unfractured. They hone in on redefining thought patterns from a Christ-centered perspective. Underscoring the importance of learning to love others, not in spite of their differences, but because of them.

Skot states that redefining requires a shift in our frame of reference. It entails recognizing that there are new ways of engaging with people who are different from you and even those who are similar to you. The goal is to redefine who you are on the path to becoming a Christocentric, ethnoconscious Christian.

Skot references Romans 12 from the Bible as the scriptural basis for this concept. He exclaims that we must transform ourselves by renewing our minds, which requires a more profound change than surface-level adjustments.

They discuss shifting our identity and how redefining can feel like a freefall, but it's essential to reach a point where it becomes a form of spiritual growth. Comparing it to skydiving but with trust and faith.

Skot explains that this transformation can only occur once we allow God to enhance our cultural palate. It's about realizing that differences among people are assets in God's eyes, not liabilities. Redefining requires a change in perspective and alignment with God's mind.

Eric and Skot stress the importance of not attempting to redefine in isolation and maintaining a Christocentric perspective throughout the process. They caution against rushing into action without first allowing God to work within us.

Skot refers to God's strength being made perfect in human weakness and that we must give Him room to work in our imperfections. Eric adds that criticizing others for not passing our cultural or personal expectations reveals our own insecurities.

They discuss human callousness, revealing that it's a matter of the heart rather than a generational, gender, or ethnic issue. They encourage childlike faith and trust in God's guidance, believing that what He asks us to do is for our good.

Skot proclaims that God celebrates when people dwell together in unity. Unity is an environment where the Holy Spirit can flow, and God promises to command blessings in such places.

This episode will help individuals and communities redefine their perspectives and embrace unity through a Christ-centered perspective. Accentuating that transformation occurs through vulnerability and empathy.


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