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EP 35 | Reconcile

Throughout the Unfractured series, Author Skot Welch has outlined a change model that requires practical application to bring healing and restoration to our fractured Christian family. In this episode, he and his friend Eric Johnson discuss the first step of the change model - reconciliation.

Skot highlights that reconciliation is the restoration of friendship, and keeping the sequence in order is crucial. He explains that reconciliation can't be the first step because it requires a foundation of understanding, repentance, and recognition to build genuine relationships.

Eric and Skot discuss the importance of moving from transactional to transformational relationships. They believe relationships based solely on comfort and shared opinions can be shallow and unfulfilling. Skot indicates that we may lose some relationships as we seek transformational connections, but the payoff is the introduction to a broader, more diverse, and Christ-centered family. Skot underscores that information alone cannot bring peace; practical application and action are vital to this transformation. He urges us to engage in individual interactions, person-to-person, group-to-group, and team-to-team relationships.

They also touch on the idea that relationships should not be about imposing an agenda on others but rather about building genuine connections based on love and acceptance. They encourage listeners to move beyond labels and titles and focus on being good friends who love and respect each other despite their differences.

This episode highlights the value of exposing oneself to diverse experiences and people. It challenges us to let God guide us in our relationships and to foster genuine fellowship within the body of Christ.


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