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EP 37 | Restore

In this final episode of Unfractured, Author Skot Welch and his friend Eric Johnson discuss the last step and subsequent outcome of applying Skot’s change model - restoration.

Restoration is a central theme throughout the series. Everything Skot and Eric have discussed from a Christian perspective always points towards restoration, blessing, healing, and unity.

Skot points out that the previous five steps of the change model all lead to restoration. He believes restoration involves putting things as God intended and claiming our original identity as a family that loves and cares for one another.

They acknowledge restoration requires a lot of effort but is entirely worth it. It's easy to be distracted by cultural influences, barriers, ideologies, and politics, but the ultimate goal of our journey is to reach a transcendent Christ-centered approach. It’s not just about repairing relationships but also about restoring a Christocentric perspective.

Eric Johnson reflects on the journey they've taken together and the change model they've discussed throughout. Skot characterizes restoration as both an external and internal process that leads to a transformation of one's identity. Pointing to the biblical examples of Saul becoming Paul, Abram becoming Abraham, and Jacob becoming Israel.

Skot Welch expresses gratitude to everyone who has joined them on this journey and hopes the discussions and resources have made an impact. He encourages us to walk with God, be authentic, and strive to live an unfractured life.


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