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EP 36 | Recompense

Author Skot Welch has outlined a change model throughout the Unfractured series. A sequence that requires practical application to bring healing and restoration to our fractured Christian family. In this episode, he and his friend Eric Johnson discuss the second step of the change model - recompense.

Recompense is a crucial stage of healing that involves acknowledging the generational impact of America's past transgressions and the need to make things right. Skot underscores the importance of recognizing that America's economy was built on 400 years of free labor, primarily through the slave trade.

They discuss acknowledging and addressing historical injustices, and Skot claims it’s essential for the nation and the Church. He cites biblical examples of compensation as a testament to this idea and its importance.

Skot asserts that unity among Christians from diverse backgrounds is imperative in the Church, at work, and even in economic ventures. He suggests that recompense can manifest through multi-ethnic businesses and investment funds, where individuals unite to create economic and spiritual transformation in their communities.

This episode explores how recompense - rooted in biblical principles - is a catalyst for healing, unity, and transformation. It highlights the need for Christians to take meaningful actions, such as working together and investing together to address historical injustices and promote a more equitable and just society.


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