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EP 16 | Acknowledging Our Defaults

Skot Welch and Eric Johnson continue their conversation around the impact of white culture in America. They reiterate the importance of analyzing and addressing the default behaviors and norms in our physical and social environments, highlighting their impact on our thoughts, actions, and assumptions about the world.

Skot points out the tendency of people to become accustomed to dysfunctional and abnormal environments, making them believe that such conditions are “normal.” They remind us that acknowledging these defaults is not about assigning shame or guilt but rather an opportunity to put our faith into action.

Skot shares a personal experience from attending a church near Howard University as an example of how defaults can lead to disconnect and missed opportunities. The church he visited had an all-white presentation in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, which created a significant disconnect within the community. He points out that the issue is not with the people's ethnicity but with the environment's tone-deafness.

He urges these defaults to be challenged and changed, especially within faith communities, where a diverse and inclusive environment is essential. He references biblical passages that call for transformation and repentance of thought patterns, emphasizing that staying in default mindsets is a form of bondage.

Eric acknowledges that historically, it has often fallen to people of color to raise awareness about these defaults, and he expresses his commitment to being an ally in this cause. Skot explains that acknowledging these defaults is an opportunity for growth and a form of worship.

They discuss the need for boldness in speaking up within congregations that perpetuate defaults, urging individuals to challenge these patterns. Skot claims recognizing all people as part of the same family will lead to better standards and expectations within faith communities.

This episode addresses the importance of recognizing and challenging default behaviors and norms within society, particularly within faith communities. It calls us to create a more inclusive and Christ-centered environment and underscores the significance of speaking up and taking action to promote positive change.


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