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Ep 01 | Meet the Author Skot Welch

Unfractured is a transformative Christ-centered initiative led by Skot Welch, a church leader, public speaker, and global diversity strategist. Together with documentary filmmaker Eric Johnson, they invite viewers on a journey towards unity and cultural change inspired by Skot's book.

Skot's diverse upbringing in a military family, including time spent in Korea, cultivated his deep appreciation for different cultures. His experiences revealed that diverse spaces feel more like heaven, reflecting God's intention for humanity. Eric shares this sentiment, and together, they aim to promote diversity and unity.

Skot's journey into diversity management and his ordination as a pastor in 2010 intensified his passion for this cause. He believes a better version of humanity requires action, not just words.

Unfractured seeks to address the emotional complexities surrounding diversity, breaking down barriers with maturity, vulnerability, and transparency. These conversations are rooted in love and aim to heal and unite diverse individuals.

Skot emphasizes that this isn't a punitive discussion but a restorative one, filled with God's grace and love. It's a family talk, where everyone has a seat at God's table, working towards unity through open conversations.


The Unfractured Book on orange background

Buy the Book

Order your copy of Unfractured on Amazon, and discover the beauty of Gods Mosaic.

Change Guide

In addition to the book, Unfractured offers a small group curriculum to help guide you down the path.

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